About Hveiti Ingredients

The primary team behind Hveiti Ingredients are the co-founder and CEO, Svend Brandstrup Hansen, and the co-founder and Head of Finance, Kristian Bennetsen. In addition, the ownership is further shared among a number of well-established companies with extended knowledge about marked conditions, the technology, and running similar food- and feed production plants in Denmark and Europe. This ensures that Hveiti Ingredients has all the needed in-house competences to establish an optimal and competitive production.

Svend Brandstrup Hansen

Svend is educated farmer and has, throughout his career, worked with agricultural projects both nationally and internationally.

As a farmer, it has always been second nature for Svend to maximise the output of every crop - with the current development within climate- and environmental impact, which is high on the political and global agenda, it has become very important to utilise cultivated crops in a more holistic way. It is the vision that Svend brings to Hveiti ingredients.

Kristian Bennetsen

Kristian’s experience within agriculture goes back to his childhood. He was later educated skilled farmer, achieved an AP Degree in Agriculture and Financial Management, topped with an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in International Banking and Finance. Kristian’s education has led him to an international career as an international investor and business developer.

Today, Kristian contributes his knowledge and experience to Hveiti Ingredients giving something back to the culture which rounded him.


Factory and Jobs

The wheat refinery on Vestlolland will be the first of its kind in Northern Europe, utilising tested and proven technology for grain processing. The production is targeted to commence at the end of 2025.

The operation will be handled by +100 new colleagues, comprising highly educated personnel to unskilled staff. Furthermore, the wheat refinery will create opportunities for follow-on industries in the local community.

Ledelse, ejerskab
og strategiske partnere

Svend Aage Brandstrup Hansen – CEO

Kristian Bennetsen – Head of Finance

Jørgen Steffensen – Legal

Board of Directors

Chairman, Lawyer Jørgen Lindhard Steffensen

Michael Andreae-Jäckering (Chairman Die Jäckering Gruppe)

Svend Brandstrup Hansen

Kristian Bennetsen