Danish Raw Materials and Resources

In Denmark we have a long and proud tradition of growing wheat. The crop has been refined through generations of Danish farmers, and by now we harvest nine tons on average of wheat per hectare annually. The wheat is primarily used for feed and industrial purposes. Approximately one fifth of the Danish wheat is exported, and some of it is re-imported back to Denmark as refined products, such as for example gluten protein or wheat bran.

At Hveiti Ingredients, we believe it makes more sense to utilise a larger part of the Danish wheat in a local production, rather than exporting the grain. For this reason, we have made it our business to utilise resources better. We will deliver sustainable Food, Feed and Biomaterials to the marked, by only using green energy in our processes, this is the core of our future business and production plan.

Sustainable Biomaterials

A smarter utilisation of wheat grains will help to solve several challenges for us all. First and foremost, it is good for our climate and has a positive environmental impact. Most of the world’s production of plastics originates from crude oils, and the increase in global demand of plastic creates a huge negative impact on our environment. By utilising the features of the wheat grain for biomaterials, we are supporting Denmark’s ambition to cut its CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030. We achieve this by reconsidering the production process and optimising the entire value chain. 

Combine harvester and a tractor harvesting the wheat on a field, Jutland, Denmark.

We are deeply anchored in a rich Danish farming culture

Hveiti is the Old Norse word for “wheat”, and wheat is the foundation of our business. We are not inventing new applications or technical solutions; however, we provide a more effective utilisation of the wheat grain. Therefore, we are constantly building and expanding on the extensive Danish agricultural history, with a distinct focus on the optimal and sustainable utilisation of our raw materials.


The United Nations SDG’s

At Hveiti Ingredients, we have a strong focus on five of the United Nations SDG’s

Our production takes place under the law of the Danish labour market and as such we honour all rules and regulations concerning our employees. Furthermore, our production contributes to economic growth and creates more than 100 new jobs on Vestlolland.

Hveiti Ingredients is an innovative project, which will establish the first wheat refinery in Northern Europe, the first bio-plastic refinery with a fully integrated production plant, where the entire wheat grain is utilised for the optimised production of food, feed, and biomaterials.

Hveiti Ingredients will only utilise energy for its processes. Furthermore, the goal is to use purified surface water, instead of valuable drinking water (ground water).

The PLA biopolymers (biomaterials) will replace traditional plastic based on fossil fuel, a bioplastic produced solely on green energy. Furthermore, the production of wheat bran and gluten protein will reduce the imports from abroad, and this will reduce Danish CO2-emissions overall.

The entire development of this project is based upon cooperation between local production companies in terms of re-use of energy and water, and international collaboration between businesses and technology providers. Read more about our partners under About Hveiti Ingredients.