Hveiti Ingredients

Hveiti Ingredients’ wishes to contribute to a better and more sustainable utilisation of Danish crops and agricultural resources.

We refine Danish feed wheat, in a new and innovative way so that the entire grain is used, and zero waste. By fractionating the wheat grain, we extract protein, fibre and carbohydrates from the wheat grain and use the individual parts to produce foods, feed, and biomaterials.
By Nakskov on Vestlolland (the fourth largest island in Denmark), where a large proportion of Danish wheat is harvested, we are building a wheat refinery; the first of its kind in Northern Europe.
hveiti ingredients

Danish Raw Materials and Resources

It is our ambition to utilise the Danish resources in a more efficient manor, locally and more sustainably. On this page, you can see why we have this great ambition, and which UN SDG’s (Sustainability Development Goals) we focus on at our production.

Products and Production

In the wheat refinery, we produce food, feed and biomaterials. If you want to know more about the entire process, from the harvesting of the wheat to the finished product, you can find it on this site.


About Hveiti Ingredients

Read more about our coming Production Plant on Vestlolland and the driving forces behind Hveiti Ingredients.